Automobile Repair & Towing/ERS Since 1978
    In addition to routine maintenance, we also offer diagnostic repair, major repairs, and  Pennsylvania state safety and emission inspections for cars, light trucks, and motorcycles.  We are an AAA aproved and ASE certified repair center.  We also offer a 12 month - 12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.  For estimates and to schedule an appointment please call 610-395-9413.
    We speak points and carbureators too.  We love American Antiques and Classics, everything from 57' Chevys to farmers old grain trucks, if it runs on gas we'll work on it.   For consumer parts info click on link
    We stock INTERSTATE Batteries for a large selection of vehicle applications.  In addition we offer the ED-18 early detection battery, starting, and charging system analyzer.  This can prevent you from being stranded along side the road by finding and fixng problems before they occur.

    We stock a large selection of COOPER tires, but can order any brand and size, usually delivered the same day.
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